Prerequisites Exam Score

Hello , I have passed the prerequisites exam with 10/10 still I got 80% below the certificate.Before that I was having 8/10 but I got full score after corrections still it is 80%. Please help me in this issue

What course are you talking about? If per say you are enrolled in ROS basics in 5 days (python), the exam prerequisites constitute 60% of the total grade and the last 40% depends on the presentation you can (optional) give on the Real Robot Rosject to get evaluated by some members of The Construct team.

Could it be something like that?

Probably enterring the course and clicking on the ‘View Scores’ button can help you.

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I have updated your score to 100%.

The reason was that your certificate was generated when you score 8/10 (which is the minimum passing score). We don’t update the mark once the certificate is generated, since the mark (8-10) is not shown on the certificate.

Thank you sir for updating my score.

Sir actually I was talking about the Linux for robotics and Python for Robotics Exam.Thank you so much for this information too.I will definitely keep this in mind.

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