PR2 Gazebo & RViz

What is the best way to load the PR2 in the Gazebo & RViz in the ConstructSim? Thank you


The best way is to use a ROSject. Here you have one I created. Its based on the Course of Perception that uses this simulation to teach Object recognition:

Thank you so much! Is there a similar ROSject for ROS Kinetic with PR2?

For future reference, what would be the standard technique to update the old notebooks to ROSject? Even after running roslaunch <package_name> <launch_file>, the simulation did not work for other notebooks from the old YouTube video tutorials.


There could be, but I dont have it located right now. The noetic one was created from scratch for noetic.

Depends on how old the notebooks are. Things have changed a lot. In theory when a rosject is updated, it aperas an exclamation mark in the ROSject that when clicked, it gived the option to update it with the latest changes.

Thank you @duckfrost