Possible to add more shells?

i am doing unit6 (project) of TF Ros and i have to give following commands:

  1. launch empty gazebo world
    2.launch file to spawn model
  2. launch file to control robot
  3. rqt_gui
  4. launch model in rviz…
    how can i add another terminal??


  1. You can add a new terminal window:

  2. A new terminal tab:

yes in rosject we can add more shells. but mine question was about the main environment of course…where along notes, IDE and 4 shells are given.

Oh, sorry I thought you were working on a rosject…since this was posted in ROSDS support :thinking:

I’m sorry you cannot add more shells in the course environment. Ideally, you should not have to do anything that requires running more than four shells at a time. That said, you can still run more than four commands by running some in the background (using the & symbol after the command) so you can reuse the same terminal. e.g

# Launch the empty world in the background
roslaunch my_project empy_gazebo_world.launch &

# Launch another thing, maybe also in the background
roslaunch my_project spawn_model.launch &

# Run another command

ok thank you sir for your help…:slightly_smiling_face: