Position robot suitably before running program

How can I drag the robot to a suitable starting position to test program? Usual ROS buttons for doing this in Gazebo are not available!

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I’m afraid we disabled that dragging option in the academy. The reason we did this is that we assumed many users could drag pieces accidentally.

There is a button that allows you to reset everything to the initial position. If the initial position is what you want to change, I’m afraid there is no “automatic” way of doing that as of today.

Understood. The only problem is that the robot is not properly positioned for some of the exercises - for example, drive small square and big square - it runs into the wall. Of course, one can include a setup command to move it to a more convenient starting position for the exercise.
I am curious about the choice of the cramped environment. Except for one exercise (in which the robot entered through a door), there is no assignment that needs the elaborate setup. In any case, it is a nicely conceived set of learning units (“Python 3 for Robotics”)! Well done!!

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