Please check my understanding of the TF tree

Please see the transformation between frame World to frame camera_bot_base_link.

The average rate means how frequently the relationship between the two frames is flushed.

Recently, I accidentally understand that the TF2 can tell us the old pose of a frame by giving a specific time. I think there should be a buffer inside. So, the Buffer length is related to how good the TF2’s memory is.

Following this idea, the most recent transformation and the oldest transform should be referencing the time.

Is it in second?

If that is true, 1333.123s means more than 22 seconds. However, I just turn the VM on.

In the meantime, where is the ‘Recorded at time: 1659016707.7609675’ comes from?

I also notice that the rqt_tf_tree can change color: green, red, and blue.
What are these colors mean?

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