Outdoor Navigation

Hello everyone.
I’m trying to navigate outdoors with Summit XL (I mean the real robot).
As very first steps, I followed the courses ROS Basics with Noetics, ROS Navigation and the first half of the ROS Mastering with SummtXL. (almost 5 months here).

I’m running ROS packages from Robotnik developed for this robot and I could make the robot move throug Rviz and “2D Nav Goal” button. So my next step is to get the poses to follow during a plan and then run the plan forever.

My problem is that for me is so difficult to find which package to use for that purpose, I mean, I can get the poses through GPS topics and store them in a TXT or CSV file and it is quite easy, but i don’t know how to state them as waypoints to plan a route to follow. I find difficult to move forward and learn to extract all the knowledge to operate the robot.

on the other hand, how can I download the map from MapBox to work in a more friendly way with the pathplanning? do I need to connect the robot to the internet? or the remote PC? the point is that if I connect the remote PC to the router of the robot, I can’t connect to the internet wifi, I’m a bit lost with this, and in the course it is not specified.

Another problem is, most of the times, when I run Rviz, everything becomes so slow, LiDAR stops update data, same with robot pose, etc. Despite of my PC is powerful enough to connect and run Rviz, SSH connections, etc.

At last, on The Construct platform, when I run a Rosjet, in can’t select the summitXL simulation, i dont know if my suscription plan does not include it.

there are a lot to learn for me and I’m a bit lost. It would be so helpful for me if you send some light for me.
Thank you a lot in advance
Best regards