Opening course notebook in new tab (ROS2 Basics in 5 Days (C++)) opens the wrong notebook

When working on a copy of the Rosject for the ROS2 Basics in 5 Days (C++) course If you use the option to open the rosject notebook in a new window, instead a new tab is opened with the incorrect notebook.
Clicking this button:

Opens this notebook in a new tab:

Hi @sploeger
Let me check that and revert ASAP.

This error happens because there’s another notebook besides default.ipynb in notebook_ws.

Immediate solution:

  • Using the IDE, delete that notebook and it should be fine.
  • Please do not remove the default.ipynb, only the other .ipynb file. (You don’t see that here because I already removed it).


Permanent solution:
We will modify the code to only select the default.ipynb file.

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