Opencv for robotic

Hello ROS Robot Ignite Academy, Hello ROS community,
I am very glad to find out your website, I spend every free minute with learning from you.
First of all I want thank Robot Ignite Academy for the amazing learning path and methods that you offer.
My question is:
Is there any recommended course for Image processing and video analyzing for robotics, which offer simple and powerful path and methods from beginner level to advanced as Robot Ignite Academy do?
Are Robot Ignite Academy going in the future to add like this course for the learning path?

Thank you.

Hi @aameralshamy3 ,
Start with the basics from the below shown courses, these are the basics.
Then move on to the courses under Artificial Intelligence section, and try to do the courses that deals with machine learning, deep learning, AI etc since these will teach you the basics and you can later combine with OpenCV.


Thank you Mr. Joseph, that was very useful.

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