'Open Graphical Tools' In IDE Window Not Functioning

In Example 2.5 when creating our very first ROS package, the following commands are executed in Shell #1:

rospack list
rospack list | grep my_package
roscd my_package

We can then see the created package and its contents by opening it through the IDE panel (see attachment).

In my window, the IDE is continuously loading as shown in image 2.

When clicking on the ‘Open Graphical Tools’ button in the top right, a black screen appears as shown in image 3.

How can I navigate to my newly created package and its contents?

Hi, welcome to the community!

I’m sorry you are experiencing those issues. Some questions:

  • What browser are you using? We support Chrome and Firefox
  • Have you tried exiting the course, logging out, and opening the course?

Graphical Tools is for when you use programs that have GUIs like rviz, so it is not related to the IDE display. Please let me know if you have more problems.