Open course on chapter left off

every time I open the ROS2 basics course I have to scroll through every dang chapter to get to the last one I left off on. Wouldn’t be that bad if the sim didn’t take 15 sec to load for every.single.chapter. hard to believe this wasn’t done from the beginning. Surely there’s another way?


Sorry to hear you are having some troubles. In theory each course should start where you left it.
If this isnt so, please post here a video or something detailing the issue and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

Is 15 seconds to much for you to wait? If so please tell us why and we will see into improving the system when possible.

You don’t need to scroll through every chapter. Just click on the unit selector and then click on the unit you want to take.

Also, the course takes you to the unit you were working on whenever you return.