Odom frame jumping

Hi all i am having a problem with the odom frame wich is jumping, currently the odom-base_link transform is published by zed, after some a couple of targets that i send the odom frame start jumping mainly when the robot is rotating, and the position of the robot is jumping too, i have tryied the odom-base-link tranform with robot_localization facing the same problem, the same problem happens when use the intel t265 tracker as the odometry source instead zed. any hint why this is happening?. Thanks

Did you make sure that the tf between odom and base_link is provided by only one node?

i will check my nodes

hmm… can you check the broadcaster between odom and base_link when that jumping occurs, do refresh your GUI constantly to see recent data, and check if there are any other broadcaster between odom and base_link other than your intended node

i am running the test with tf2_monitor, i will upload screenshots of the behavior

this is the output of tf2_monitor

this is my tf tree

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