Obstacle avoidance using autopilot and jetson nano

Hello dear,
I have rover robot that controlled by autopilot (ardupilot),
the autopilot drive the robot to follow the way-points in the auto mode,
I am looking to find avoidance obstacle method,
I think I should use depth camera and jetson nano(as companion computer) to detect the obstacle, by this steps:

  1. when the jetson nano detect obstacles, it should send order by (mavros or dronekit ,ā€¦) and force the robot to change the mode to manual
  2. the jetson nano will send command to the autopilot to move the robot to avoid the obstacles
  3. when the obstacles avoided, jetson nano will send set the autopilot to the auto mode again to follow the way-points path
    my questions are:
    1- is this is the right way to do that?
    2- if yes, what is the best software to do the connection between Jetson nano and Autopilot (mavros, dronekit,ā€¦) ?
    3- Any one know any link can help me?



Iā€™m note very versed in mavros and dronekit, but using JetsonNano to avoid obstacles is totally fine, and while it uses the rostopics to connect to mavros or whatever I think both are fine.


Thanks for your reply @duckfrost2
I solved this issue by using dronekit and connect jetson to pixhawk using 57600 baudrate, I used open source code and documents of dronekit to establish and test the connection.
I did that by follow this video:

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