Nothing in IDE's explorer

Hello all,

I’m trying to continue the course from Unit 5, but the explorer in the IDE is empty.
I’ve been reloading the IDE a couple times, and same for entire learning environment and nothing changed.

I’m on Brave Browser on Ubuntu 22.04. Do you have any idea how I can make the files appear again?

Hoby R.

Hi, welcome to the community!

You might have to log out and log back in in either chrome or firefox.

Can you find any files through the terminal?


you should see a catkin_ws and other workspaces there

Yes, I can list all folders and files through the terminal.

And I didn’t have this issue a few days ago, everything was fine.

I logged out and back in too, that did not change anything.

I’ll try again to see if it does.

Sometimes closing and opening the IDE file explorer as shown below fixes the issue. It’s a known quirk.