Notebook Mistake in the Unit 6 tb3_0/tb3_1 goalpose rviz topic

Hello, I have completed the ROS2 Navigation course and would like to thank the developers as it was very informative and helpful. However, I would just like to point out a slight mistake in the notebook that should help prevent future visitors from making this error:


I believe that in tool properties, it should be named
/tb3_0/goal_pose and NOT /tb3_0/goalpose

Likewise for the tb3_1 robot model

That is the change I had to make in order to get it to work.

Thank you

Hello @HusamArdah,

you are correct, bt_navigator listens for navigation goals on the “/goal_pose” topic by default, so each robot would listen to /tb3_0/goal_pose and /tb3_1/goal_pose respectively.

Thank you for your feedback, the course material has been updated.



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