Notebook is not loading since today

The notebook loading screen is showing indefinitely. I tried to reload/refresh, logging out & in again, and also tried other browsers, but it’s still stuck. Previously it used to work, but today even after trying for 10 times, and waiting for 30-45 mins, it’s still not loading.

Attached a screenshot.

For reference, here’s my internet speed:

Edit: In case it helps, here’s a screenshot of the console tab of the browser:

This is very strange. I checked all the VMs assigned to you at this time, and they all seemed okay.

It seems that something prevented that loading screen from going off as it should…and I also can’t find any reason for that here (and you console log indicate nothing of this nature). :exploding_head:

Could you please try again and let us know if it continues to happen?

It seems to be working now. You may close this ticket. I’ll let you know in case it happens again.

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