Not able to see my package

In 2 - ROSBasics, after creating my package, I am not able to see it in “rospack list” and not able to roscd to it

You need to source your catkin_ws
$ cd ~/catkin_ws
$ source devel/setup.bash
Then run the following to update ros packages
$ rospack list

Thanks for quick response.
Even after running the source devel/setup.bash, I am having the same issue

You have to compile your workspace, run this command:
$ catkin_make

Run catkin_make or catkin build to compile your worskspace then source devel/setup.bash. It hasnt reflected that ‘my_package’ is a new package until you do the above then you can do roscd or use rospack.

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Thanks. Running catkin_make helped resolve the issue. Thanks. Appreciate it.