No response from the Real robot topic

I have successfully connected to the real robot. But in the shell when I do
rostopic echo /scan
nothing appear in the shell, it seems to be stuck. I ran my program but since it is not receiving any topic data the code does not proceed. Why is this happening?

I just checked the real robot and the scan is working correctly. Next time you are connected, make sure you see all of the topics with rostopic list. Did you try to move the robot with the joystick?

I will give you an extra reservation so you can try again.

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The robot was working with the joystick.
I tried the rostopic list it showed all the topics. Including /scan.
I had also echoed a topic called /sensor_state and /scan_status.
Sensor state gave an output having battery level and some more data.

I tried again today, It’s working fine now. Thanks!

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