No cylinder.urdf in Unit4/urdf

Hello there,

I do not have a ~catkin_ws/machine_learning_for_robotics/unit4/urdf folder, thus I can not spawn it in the gazeo world with rosrun gazebo_ros spawn_model -file ~/catkin_ws/src/machine_learning_course/unit4/urdf/cylinder.urdf -urdf -x 2.5 -y 1.5 -z 0 -model support_cylinder1

Please add it for me or paste me a link where i can pull/ download it


All that code you should have downloaded it in UNIT1, there it states that you have to download from git: Solutions

Hope this helps :wink:

Hello @georg.novotny ,

I’ve just added the cylinder urdf file to the repo.

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Wasn’t in the repo …

Hey Alberto,

I have another question.
Is it possible to add/ remove objects, inside a chapter, from the gazebo simulation using the gui?
When I run gzclient in the terminal I receive the following output: Open Gazebo clicking Tools -> Gazebo but I have no clue where I can find this.

Your help is much appreciated.


Hello @georg.novotny ,

No, this option is disabled in the courses (so that students don’t break the simulation unintentionally). You can only remove objects from the simulation using the command line:

rosservice call /gazebo/delete_model "..."


Hello @albertoezquerro ,
isn’t that what the command rosservice call /gazebo/reset_simulation is for?

Hello @georg.novotny ,

No, the /gazebo/reset_simulation will only reset the models to their initial position (in case you have moved them). You actually have a button to call this service in the Academy (it’s the middle one from the Gazebo window). For deleting models, the service to call is /gazebo/delete_model.