No controller_manager interface

This worked with version 1 of gurdy. For second version I just added to my existing version checked against solution looked good. Deleted build/devel rebuilt, source devel/setup.bash still same error. Finally copied entire solution(urdf, both launch files and yaml, everything) into my workspace received same error. Deleted again rebuilt sourced devel/setup.bash and still received error using the solution files. The only difference between mine and solution is mine will spawn into gazebo and then give warning, while solution waits for controller_manager then warning and stops so gurdy never shows in gazebo. I will finish writing my move script and hope by the time I’m done the problem has been resolved.


I would check again the code there or chekc this solutions git, launching:

roslaunch my_gurdy_description spawn_gurdy_xacro.launch 

It shoudl appera the robot in teh world lie that:

Hope it helped