Newby stuck on first page

I just signed up and tried to get started, but failed to get through the first screen Unit1!
Where to type in [cd /home/user/catkin_ws/src] and the following [ ls] ??

This is you shell, where you type in all you commands, enter the commands here

Probably, your content screen is in full screen, use image the arrow mark to minimize.

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Welcome to the community :grinning:

Thank you Joseph1001, sorry to be a pain but when I type that in and hit enter I get" bash: [cd: command not found"

please share a screenshot of the issue @Dinky

Thanks rupaligarewal22, How??

remove the square brackets before and after the commands (as seen in your screenshot) and that should remove any errors.

Since you just beginning out, i suggest watching any 2 mins video on getting started with Linux on youtube. Its always best to refer to youtube and other sites for more info since the Construct courses may not cover everything.

And its Ok, continue to ask questions on the forum(after you have tried to solve by yourself using youtube)

We all started like this. Baby steps. Keep grinding :grinning:

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It looks like you are not familiar with Linux commands. You need prior knowledge of Linux. I recommend that you go through the Linux for Robotics courses on this site first before starting with Python.

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@Dinky , i assumed that you had already completed the linux course, if you didn’t , you need to complete a course called linux basics available on the construct forum, only then go to the Python basics course.

Thank you, have not done the prelim Linux, will do so!

Thank you, have not done the Linux, will do so!

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