Navigation waypoints

Hi Is there any way in which we can see the path planned by planner in display ? (sequence of coordinate points)

Hi @dhanaprakaashg,

I assume that you are doing waypoint following using the Nav2 Simple Commander API as shown in the Advanced Navigation Course. In that case, yes, you can configure Rviz to display the path to the next waypoint. Note that this is limited to the next waypoint, so it will NOT display every path through all waypoints (if that is what you want). The reason is that even with fixed waypoint coordinates, a path is not path planned in advanced. The path to the next waypoint is an entirely new path that is planned each time when the next waypoint comes up, not before.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. if the goal to the robot is given, planner gives out the path planned to reach the goal?. How we ca get to know that points? So that we can modify few points in the path? Please give your ideas!

Hello @dhanaprakaashg,

We must distinguish the waypoints itself and the series of points on a path to a waypoint.
The first group is trivial, you have them on your script that implements the Nav2 Simple Comander API.
In relation to the second group you can create a new node that subscribes to the path which is normally published to the topic /plan . Once you receive the plan data into your custom node you can analyze it or manipulate it as you require.

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