My code foundation exam result

I take code foundation learning paths final exam. All my codes working well as the instructions says but my result shown is 2.25 and i cant understand why. When i click on the show solutions button it opens a new web page and it gives 404 not found error. Can you help me about my issue. Thanks a lot!

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Hi @omer-yigit96,

First of all, welcome to the Community!

Sorry about the solution link, it’s not currently available as we don’t have a published solution for this exam! Please don’t try to click this link for now as it will prevent you from retrying the exam.

As for your poor scores despite working code, please ensure you create everything as specified before submitting, as well as follow other instructions given about submitting. You may have the code working but get failed by the grader if you don’t follow the instructions strictly!

PS: you may retry the exam as many times as you wish, as long as you don’t click the “View Solution” button. You may retry now!