Muptiple ros2 messages

if i was doing a person tracking project using computer vision and using ros2 as middle ware to send this positions to another device how would i send this information.
so far i have a ros2 message sending the detected persons position to the other device as a geometry message pf type Point. now im wondering if i can send the persons id and point position in the one message or will i have to send the id as a seperate string . i was just wondering if there was a way to send them all in one go and store tthem together instead of sending them individually and trying to interpret which position goes with which id .
if this doesnt make any sense please let me know.
many thanks,

Hi @kkirby,

If you want to send a single message with multiple data, you can definitely create your own custom messages that include both message types that you want to use.

You may find how to create custom interfaces in the ROS2 Basics course.

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