ML Algorithms - Path Planning, Localization & Obstacle Detection

Dear ROSers,

I would like to request for your advice in selecting the right course based on your experience. I am working on a student project that needs to evaluate different ML algorithms used in path planning, localization and obstacle detection.

Is there a specific course available in this academy that may cover some aspect atleast?

Thank in advance for your help.


Hello @mohammed.sahadatalam ,

I would suggest this course: Learn Robotics from Zero - Robotics & ROS Online Courses
Have a look at the contents and check if it’s what you’re looking for.

Thanks Alberto, It seems that some of the concepts I intend to learn are covered in the mentioned course. Currently, attending ROS basics and looking forward to attend this as well.

Hi Alberto,

Referring to my earlier thread, I need to submit a prototype of a working autonomous mobile robot and for the same I plan to purchase the The Raspberry Pi Mouse. Could you please confirm the ML algorithms can be tested on this?

I mean the prototype should be capable of doing localization, path planning and obstacle detection.

Appreciate your earliest response.

Thank you

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