Missing PROJECT - Help TurtleBot Robot Get Out of the Maze

Hi, I’m confused as to why Chapter 11 (PROJECT - Help TurtleBot Robot Get Out of the Maze) of the ROS Basics In 5 Days (Python) - Noetic Course appears to be absent.

I had discovered that EXAM - Husky Robot Challenge and EXAM - Drone Challenges on Chapters 15 and 16 respectively are only accessible to students and not the individual licenses and wanted to confirm this was also the case with the PROJECT.

Furthermore, is this PROJECT the similar to that from the Python 3 for Robotics Noetic Course?

Hi, the project was deactivated recently (we had deprecation warnings all through the course since February). The project now is to be done with our real robot lab. Please go to the bottom of unit 4 to see how to get the rosject.

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