Missing CMakeLists and Package.xml when creating a file in new package

I have created several packages in the ROS Basics in 5 Days module. But after a while every time I created a package and a file, there would be no CMakeLists and Package.xml generate for the package. Even after I chmod +x the files and catkin build the package. I am not too sure of the required conditions for both the CMake and Package.xml files to be created. Mind you, I have done all of these in catkin_ws/src folder.


Do you mean just a new file if that is the case then there is no new CMake or Package.xml created. These files are only created when a new package is created. If you are creating new packages and there are no CMkake and Package.xml files being created then that is a problem. Respond to this and specify if it is new file or new package.

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@hskramer I just realized that I was not doing a catkin_create_pkg but a mkdir in order to create those packages. Thank you for the reply.



Nice to see you figured it out on your own.