Lost exercise files on C++ for Robotics course


I lost the cpp_course_repo file and other files and I am not able to work on any further exercises.

Hi @shahad78 ,

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If you have not accidentally deleted your files, then your files should be present.
Just log out, clear history and cookies of your browser and then log back in and check your course.
They should be back on.


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Thank you @girishkumar.kannan

I have done what you have said. The files are not back. is there is something else I can do?

@shahad78 ,

I am not aware of any other methods to solve this issue. What I told you earlier has worked for me, most of the time.

I would suggest you to come back to this website after sometime, like after 15-30 minutes and then check if everything is back on. Otherwise, you might have to wait till Monday.

Please inform if you do get those files back on your course IDE.


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Hi @shahad78,

I’ve just restored your files in the C++ for Robotics course.

Sorry for the inconvenience.