Looking for suggestion/guidance for ROS 1 and 2 course selection

Hi The Construct Team,

I just finished ROS 1 in 5 Days in Python and C++. Currently waiting to do my live presentation.
Meanwhile, I would like to to know what would be the best route to proceed with the courses.
I would like to learn complete ROS1 and ROS2 - what this site has to offer (except for Enterprise courses).

I would like to know if I should take Path A or Path B

Path A:
ROS 1 (Py and C++) and its related courses like Navigation, Perception and Manipulation, etc
and then take ROS 2 like above.


Path B
ROS 1 Basics with Py and C++ (completed)
ROS 2 Basics with (Py and C++)
ROS 1 Navigation
ROS 2 Navigation … etc.

I want to choose Path B since I would like to finish certificate courses first. Would this be a bad choice?

Looking for expert advice.


Hi @girishkumar.kannan,

I would personally suggest to stick with ROS1 courses and robotic theory courses (if you plan to take those) and then move forward and take ROS2 courses. I would not recommend to mix ROS1 and ROS2 courses like ROS1 Navigation, ROS2 Navigation, it will confuse you more I think.



@rzegers , Thanks for the advise.

I initially had two thoughts:
If I choose Path A, I will learn all ROS1 basics and robot theory and techniques with ROS1 and just have to re-apply them for ROS2 when I learn ROS2.
If I choose Path B, I will learn the basics in both ROS1 and ROS2 sequentially and together.

The time taken would (roughly) be the same. This comparison seems to be more of Breadth First vs Depth First approach for learning ROS 1 and 2.

Why I had this confusion was because there is quite a lot of courses based on ROS1 than ROS2. But industry is preparing to move to ROS2 sooner. So I thought taking Path B (Breadth First Approach) might prepare me well to handle ROS 1 and 2 simultaneously.

Let me know your thoughts on this, if you have time.


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