Loading IDE issue

The IDE window doesn’t loading at all, it could be stuch in “Loading IDE” for hours. I’m using this site for a while and completed a few courses, but the IDE never been loaded. This is very difficult to edit files only with the terminal.

This can be a bit laggy. Have you tried refreshing the entire webpage or refreshing the IDE using the button on the lower right?

Thanks for your replay!
Yes, I have tried many times to reload the IDE and the entire webpage without success.

I just opened one of my courses and I’m facing the same issue (which wasn’t present yesterday). I tried using a VPN (connected to the US) and the IDE loaded properly. Let me know if this works for you.

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@almogtaw @saraoud01
Are you using incognito mode? We have seen that the IDE does not work in incognito mode.

We have also found that proxies and ad blockers and antiviruses cause this. Please refer to the following post: for detailed troubleshooting.

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Hi, I allow third-party coockies to this website and the issue fixed. thanks for support!

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