Limited space for my project

it always show me that I have limited spase for my project. and when I make the suscribe it said size is to infinty
Screenshot 2022-12-22 103554

Hi @Ascandar,

Welcome to our community.

Depending on the subscription, you can have as many rosjects as you want, however, regardless of the subscriptions, no individual rosjects can be bigger than 2GB.

This message is showing the limit is 4GB because I temporarily increased the size, but I’ll soon put it back to 2GB.

The reason why we don’t allow big individual rosjects is that it affects the system, since each time you open a rosject we have to download it, unzip, etc.

I would recommend removing unnecessary things from the rosject.

Please let us know if you have more questions.

I am just trying to test one project and then I will remove it for less than three days if u allowed me. please

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