Lifecycle Manager Process Has Died

[ERROR] [lifecycle_manager-10]: process has died [pid 3675, exit code -6, cmd ‘/opt/ros/galactic/lib/nav2_lifecycle_manager/lifecycle_manager --ros-args -r _node:=lifecycle_manager_navigation --params-file /tmp/launch_params_xlrckags --params-file /tmp/launch_params_fgekwf1 --params-file /tmp/launch_params_dzlvae7m’].

Trying to re-run the cartographer but the above error occur. Any idea how to overcome this?

Thank you.


You need to provide more details in order to be able to solve your problem.

  • Which is the command you are launching? Which config files are you using?
  • Why are you launching cartographer inside the course of ROS Basics?

Please let us know as many details as possible to be able to debug your problem

I’m launching using this command from the lecture ‘ros2 launch cartographer_slam’.
The config file used is cartographer.lua copied and pasted from the lecture as well.

I believe the course name is ROS2 Navigation (section 2 - how to build a map), I am not sure, when the error occur I just click the question mark button and post the error I experience.

Thank you

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