Lidar avoiding robot's part

I decided to build an extra structure on top of the navigation robot that I am using (ubiquity magni). I mostly use the Lidar for SLAM, but the lidar is stopping for the four structure links I built. Is there a way of having the lidar ignore those links. Can it be done through the URDF or does it simply have to do with laser scan.


Hi @davidnkenguii ,

To my knowledge, I don’t think that what you want to achieve can be done through URDF. Depending on how complex are the links, you can write a simple script to manually filter out the laser scan data range, or use an existing package:


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Thank you @mouad.abrini. I tried the laser filter before hand and it would filter some of the points but not all of them. Making the robot to still stop randomly. At least I was on the right path.