License options for Teachers

1. Single (individual) license: the student purchases a monthly (recurring until cancelled) or a year-long (one-off) license as indicated on the pricing page.

  • The student can purchase the license by credit card on the pricing page and the license will be automatically assigned to their account. Monthly licenses purchased via credit cards will automatically renew until cancelled.
  • The teacher or anyone can pay for “x” months or years by getting and paying a quote and then tell us the account the license should be assigned to.
  • The student takes the courses in a self-paced manner like every individual learner.
  • The teacher does not have access to any management tool to see the progress of the student.

2. Specially discounted 4-month licenses: Teachers can purchase 10 or more 4-month license packs and distribute this among their students.

  • See the pricing table. Send requests for quotes to
  • The teacher also gets a free complimentary license.
  • The teacher has access to a management panel where they can manage the pool of licenses, configure courses for the students and monitor the progress of the students.
  • All licenses purchased will expire 4 months from the day they were made available to the teacher, after purchase. They cannot be rolled over.

3. Specially discounted 4-month licenses, any number of students, license purchased by students directly.

This is similar to 2, but with the following differences.

  • We create a team for the teacher, with access to the management panel described above, without the need to purchase any number of licenses.
  • The teacher logs in and sends the team join link to their students, who pay by credit card and join the team.
  • The teacher does NOT get a free complimentary license UNTIL 10 or more student pay and join the team.
  • Student can join at any time, their licenses valid for four months from the date of payment.

Send requests for quotes and clarifications to