Laggy Gazebo simulation/low real-time factor in ROSDS

When working on a ROSject in the ROSDS, the realtime factor for the Gazebo simulation is very low (0.6 or a bit below). This results in a very slow, unresponsive, laggy simulation. Here is a GIF showing the observed speed of the simulation:
I am wondering if anybody has experienced anything similar? Was there anything you did to speed it up?
If it is relevant, I am located in Canada, and my internet connection speeds are 92mbps up/91mbps down.

Are you behind a proxy, VPN or firewall? These could slow down things a bit. Your internet speed is more than okay. Speeds as low as 2mbps work fine.

Please check the points above, try again, and let us know if it’s still happening.

Thanks for the reply @bayodesegun I am not using a VPN or firewall (well I guess standard windows defender is on, technically that is a firewall but I doubt that does anything). Anything else to check?

Very strange. Something is definitely causing that lag. Other things you could try:

  • A different browser.
  • A different internet connection (yes, even if this one is super fast).
  • A different PC. I’m taking it for granted that your PC has decent amounts of processing power and memory, but you could still try another one.

Hi @sploeger,

real-time factor is really not 100% in our platform depending on the simulation used, but this shouldn’t make the simulation “jump” like what I see in the gif image you shared.

Another possible reason for these jumps is that you may be having many tabs in the web browser open, which may consume memory. It could also be that your PC may need more memory or CPU, because I have to agree that when we put simulation, notebook, Code Editor, and terminals in a single app like we do, this really consumes some CPU and RAM.

Thanks for the reply @bayodesegun and @ralves. I am currently on my laptop with an i7-1135g7 and 16gb RAM. Ill try again tomorrow with no other programs open and no other tabs open. I will also check task manager to see if it is indeed my browser eating all resources? Maybe I can try from firefox. I will also try from my other laptop, but unfortunately I don’t currently have access to my desktop.
I will update with my results.

I just tried running the simulation with nothing open but one browser tab. I am at 19% CPU utilization and 50% memory use. So there should be plenty of computer power available.
I will try from a different PC later and update you then.

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