Knowledge Check for Course Introduction - Not working


I’m new here so i don’t really know how the system is supposed to work, but i guess when I’m at unit three and the progress bar is still at 0%, something is wrong or i need to do the knowledge check for each unit in the course.

My problem is that this knowledge test doesn’t seem to work at all, each question is just “x. This is a placeholder text for a question.”. It’s the same for all three units I’ve seen so far.

Thanks for considering this.

Hi Vetle,
your progress in the courses is measured by your answers on the quizzes (like the one that you are showing on the screenshot). Unfortunately, something has happened with the quizzes of that course, because your screenshot shows they are not correct. So let’s do the following:

  1. On Monday, Roberto (the teacher of the course) will solve this error of the quizzes and put back the correct ones
  2. In the meantime, you can force the progress of your course, by using the pink icon that you can find at the top left corner of the notebook. Click there to indicate that this unit has been done. (that icon will be removed soon, since the quizzes are replacing that functionality).

I apologize for the inconveniences and the confusion created

I have removed the invalid knowledge check questions. We are working on putting the valid ones.

In the meantime, you can now use the button that @rtellez indicated to mark each unit as completed.

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