Kill PID not working

kill PID not working and the process is going on and on.
Error says must be at job site or something.
I am at the folder where i executed.

Hi @divyansht1996,

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Could you tell us how you are trying to kill the PID?

You can normally stop a program by pressing CTRL+C if the program is running in foreground.

If your program is running in the background, then you can normally kill it with “killl %%”.

If you know that a program has 123 as the PID, and the program is not killed with “kill 123”, then you could kill it instantly by using the “-9” signal: E.g: “kill -9 123”.

I had a similar problem - I didn’t realize I had to substitute the PID number for the letters “PID”. eg “kill 22055” vs “kill PID”. You can do this from another shell. (Why didn’t they put kill in the instruction or otherwise make this clear? )

Hi @mavabene,

thank you very much for your suggestion.

We’ve just put your suggestion on our list of things to do.

The course instructions will soon contain these changes.