Kill IDE Function

Hi all,

Am very new to ROS and have messed up several times on courses by moving files into places they are not supposed to be in.

There wasn’t really an undo button, or a “kill” IDE function like there is for the shell.

I am aiming to restart the IDE “fresh” with no files or directories misplaced.

I am certain there is an easy fix or someone has even answered this question before. If so, please do link me to that thread.


Hi @Bulat4 ,

I take it that you want to start fresh:

  1. Remove all the files you created using rm filename command.

  2. Go to the catkin_ws directory, remove the /devel and /build directories using rm -rf /build /devel, then compile and source.

The first one will remove the files you created and the second one will recompile all the package and source the current packages.

Let me know if this helped.

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