Is jetson xavier dead?

Hi I have received this robot which has aotonomus systems in it. But we have figured it out that it doesn’t work as we want on motor side because it hasn’t configured properly (encoder wasn’t working properly) so we have decided to pair it apart and rebuild it. But xavier stopped to work.

I believe it caused by putting the xavier near the motor so close so motor changed xavier magnetic field. Can it be something else ? Because both screen and xavier work fine individually but can’t work together. I have tried to change HDMI cable but it also didn’t work.

Is there a way to fix this ?

Thanks a lot!!

Hi @fkaan ,

There could be a few issues that cause this problem.

  1. Main fault would be faulty power distribution or unaccounted voltage drain. This would cause your jetson to shutoff when some other device is powered up.
  2. There could be a strong magnetic field, possibly around the memory area in jetson - like RAM / ROM / SDCard area.

To troubleshoot this, try to place the jetson as far away from the motors with a magnetic field isolator or dampener like cardboard or wood or bunch of paper or something similar. Isolate the jetson as much as possible from the motors while having the jetson powered up.
Now try to take it closer to the motor, once you notice that jetson stops functioning as you go closer to the motors then it is the magnetic field issue.
Another way to fix this would be to move the motors away from jetson placement area, but I guess this will be tricky based on the chassis construction.

Just a few thoughts, I am not sure if this would help you.


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