Is it possible to edit the follow_waypoints src code?

hi sir, i recently working on ros, lidar based autonomous robot. I have a doubt that I’m using follow_waypoints to set the multiple point to point navigation. It works perfectly. Now I need to stop the motor for five minutes at every point to point and activate one(or)more gpio pins for external purposes. is it possible to edit follow_waypoints src code to achieve this process.
in which cmd line to add external line for this.

You don’t need to edit it, and shouldn’t try to. What you can do is mentioned on the follow_waypoints package description page:

  1. Detailed Description
    The follow_waypoints package uses actionlib to send the goals to move_base.
    The code for follow_waypoints is structured as a barebones state machine. For this reason it is easy to add to the script complex behavior controlled by defined transitions (ie. a state machine). For modifying the script to be an easy task, you should learn about the Python state machine library in ROS called smach. The state transitions in the script occur in the order GET_PATH, FOLLOW_PATH, and PATH_COMPLETE and then they repeat.

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