Is anyone else getting chucked out of the simulator every 2-15 minutes?

I’m getting chucked out of a project running where I am editing and working on the project continuously but then am told there is no rosject running and thrown out.

I noticed this was happening yesterday on the Open Workshop too.

Check your Ad Blocker. Mark this site as safe and you should be good to go. Happened to me as well.

Funny, I disabled the add blocker and it still threw me out a few seconds after and I wasn’t even in the simulator - I was just on the home page. Will close browser down and try again with a fresh start.

Same here, sometimes I get kicked out within seconds of logging in.

Hi @ebmay ,

I noticed your account was created recently, have you confirmed your e-mail address?
If not, you could be logout due to security reasons in the system

Hi @brianlmerrittcons , did you need to refresh the page or even to login again to get back to your rosject?

Hello. This has been happening to me all day. I have tried all of the suggestions above, but the problem persists.

What browser are you using?

I am using Chrome. The problem just started today for me.

We are working on it, it seems the authentication system got unstable for a couple of hours.
Could you try cleaning the cache and reload the webpage?

Seems stable now, thanks.

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