Input prompt in web-shell hidden

The input prompt in the web-shell gets hidden and the only way to deal with this is via clearing the screen above. I see that it has been mentioned before but no fix has been provided.
Screenshot 2022-05-13 101832

^Pretty annoying when we actually also need to refer to what is printed in the console above.

Hi @arnab007 ,

We are sorry for that. Could you provide more information to help me on this issue, like the browser you are working with and the resolution of your screen?

In the meantime, could you try maximizing the shell and putting it back to the original size? Or maybe resizing the browser window and try getting the terminal in a proper size?

Thank you for your patience

Browser: Chrome Version 101.0.4951.64 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Resolution: 1080p
When I maximize the browser (full-screen), the prompt disappears. But when I make it slightly smaller than not touch the top of the screen, I can see most of the prompt, but an underscore would be invisible, making you believe that you had entered a space.
Keeping the terminal at full size does not help.