Index typo in ROS Basics in 5 days(C++ & Python)

Both ROS Basics in 5 days chapters skip indexes after the 10th chapter

Thank you for your feedback!

It’s not a typo - some chapters are hidden based on the audience. That said, we are working on making this more intuitive and less confusing.



By audience do you mean the initial questionnaire we get?

Maybe putting the titles in light grey would be a lot more suggestive that the chapter is there but it is hidden. However still some way of making the user understand why it is hidden should be included (maybe when you click on the greyed out title it gives you a pop-up with the explanation?)

It’s the first time I use this kind of forums, so first please excuse me for any misuse. And second please give me feedback so that I become a better member of the community

You are doing great Jordi!!

Your suggestions are very valuable and we are definitely going to improve the units numbering based on your feedback.

Thanks a lot


By audience I mean students.

Some units are only for students who are part of a University team, but as @rtellez already clarified, we will remove this confusion very soon, and the index typo will disappear!