In ROS2 is it possible to set GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH in launch file?

I use ROS2 Galactic and have a package that spawn a URDF robot model in Gazebo. The problem is that the URDF model uses meshes files and Gazebo is not able to find them if I don’t append the package install path to GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH.
Using the following line the model load without problem:

export GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH=$GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH:/home/ros/Documents/ROS2/ros2_ws/install/mars_robot/share/mars_robot

But I am wondering if it is possible to set that environment variable inside a launch file. I have tried with the following code but it doesn’t work.

    import os
    import xacro
    from ament_index_python.packages import get_package_share_directory
    from launch import LaunchDescription
    from launch.actions import IncludeLaunchDescription 
    from launch.launch_description_sources import PythonLaunchDescriptionSource
    from launch_ros.actions import Node
    from launch.actions import SetEnvironmentVariable
    def generate_launch_description():
        gazebo = IncludeLaunchDescription(
                        get_package_share_directory('gazebo_ros'), 'launch'), '/']),
        xacro_robot_pkg_path = os.path.join(
        xacro_file = os.path.join(xacro_robot_pkg_path,
        doc = xacro.parse(open(xacro_file))
        params = {'robot_description': doc.toxml()}
        node_robot_state_publisher = Node(
        spawn_entity = Node(package='gazebo_ros', executable='',
                            arguments=['-topic', 'robot_description',
                                       '-entity', 'mars_robot'],
        return launch.LaunchDescription([
            SetEnvironmentVariable(name='GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH', value='/home/ros/Documents/ROS2/ros2_ws/install/mars_robot/share/mars_robot'),

I have also try this line in the code instead of using SetEnvironmentVariable, but also doesn’t work.

os.environ['GAZEBO_MODEL_PATH'] = os.path.join(get_package_share_directory('your_gazebo_pkg'),'models')

Why the behavior is different if I use export to set the environment variable or do it inside the launch file? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your help and best regards.

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