IDE is not being displayed


I am unable to see my IDE. what could be the problem ?

  • Which browser are you using? We support Chrome and Firefox (others may also work but we cannot assure it) Please try any of those.
  • Are you using Incognito/Private mode of the browser? Don’t use that, since that blocks the IDE for some unknown reason.
  • Also do a full refresh of the page to see if it recovers.

Let me know if any of those work.

If not, please, press the Red “warning” icon at the bottom right of the platform in order to do a full report of the bug. By doing that, we will get a full report of your situation and be able to solve it quickly.

Thanks for your reply. I’m using Chrome in a normal window (No incognito) and did refresh multiple times but no success. Also, I have submitted the report as well.

ok let us check what may be happening in your case


Is there any update in rectifying the issue ?

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