IDE Filename Colors/Errors?

Is there a manual or other docs for the IDE? I occasionally get error symbols and color coding on IDE filenames and it’s not always apparent what it means. Often these symbols and the color coding are present, but the code seems to work fine. I’m referring to symbols and colors on the filenames in the Explorer pane. Any pointers appreciated.


Hi @wheagy ,

I guess I could help you out.
I have noticed two types of color coding on files - red and yellow.
More specifically red dot with X and yellow dot with !.

They mostly occur only on files that are opened in your editor tabs.
The colors (red and yellow) appear on files which has errors.

Red color appears on files that are open and has syntax/compilation errors.
Example: You have a code file open and you are in a line that says something like var = .
In the above example, there is nothing assigned to var, so it gives an error.

Yellow color appears on files that require more dependencies or assignment errors.
Example: You have a file open and you have a line that assigns a wrong datatype to a variable.

In python: dict_var = 45 --> here a dictionary variable is assigned with a number
In C++: vector<int> vecs{4.5, 5.5, 6.0}; --> here a vector of ints contains floats

I think I remember seeing a blue color too, but I have no idea what it means.

I think you can refer to Visual Studio Code for more info on colors and error codes.

Hope I helped! Let me know if I did!


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That helps, thanks. I was a bit confused, because I see these colors but the code often seems to work fine. I’ll pay a bot more attention when I see it again.


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