I was surprised to find that I have no nav2_smoother package on my computer

I followed the official installation guide, and I am using ROS2 Foxy.

I don’t have nav2_behaviors either. I have tried to remove the ros-foxy-navigation2 and reinstall it again. No effect!

Hi @bluebird,

as far as I can tell neither nav2_smoother nor nav2_behaviors are listed as dependency of the Nav2 project’s package.xml in Foxy.

See this link here:



I finally put together the first workable system, barely.

However, I have ignored the nav2_smoother and nav2_behaviors. The default behavior tree file navigate_w_replanning_and_recovery.xml is not in the official folder robot_navigation/behavior_trees. I have to use the ‘navigate_w_replanning_speed.xml.’

I have to read the manual of NAV2. I would like to say that the software manual is not the textbook. Certainly, it cannot compare with a professor’s lecture!
Waiting for your new lectures.

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