I think this would be cool

Respected Prof, I have two screens that I use for learning this ROS. So what I do is that I open chrome and firefox at the same time. I maximize the size of the course reading part in one browser, on one screen, and the IDE part in the other browser, on the other screen.
Now if I’m working, sometimes I need to go back to a course to recall a concept. So I change the unit in the browser where I’m just reading and not working.
The problem is that both browser automatically changes the unit, as I try to change only in one browser.
I’m curious to know:

  1. Wouldn’t that be better if both the browsers work independently ?
  2. Wouldn’t it be better if I can reopen the robotigniteacademy website in new tab in the same browser and both the tabs work independently ?

I think that would speed up my learning. Thank you
Abdul Basit Dost

We don’t support opening the courses in different tabs or browsers. If you do so, you might mess up your code.

If you want to review another course and/or unit without changing the current unit, please use the Notebook Review plugin. You can launch it by clicking on the icon shown below (on the middle top of the notebook area):


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Thank you Prof. Bayode. But, I wonder if it is possible to detach the reading part, materials, and put it on another screen, so that one can maximize it and see more lines to read in one go ?

It’s possible, but not automatically. If you create a feature request (and it becomes a popular demand), we will consider adding this feature.

For now, you can manually get the address of each window by right-clicking in each area and clicking on “view frame source” (on Firefox), then copying the URL and opening it in another tab.

For example, if you do that for the IDE, you will get something like this:

Remove view-source from the address and reload the address to get the IDE in a full window:

How do I create feature request ? Is it something done in a specific way and in a different platform ?

you can create one here: https://get-help.robotigniteacademy.com/c/feature-requests/8