I cant find the solution to the services quiz

Everytime I start the correction, The result is never displayed. It keeps loading infinitely for several minutes without displaying the result. Now, my trials have ended. I can neither see my result nor the solution of the quiz. This is just very very annoying. Please I at least need the solution to the quiz.

Hi Yekeen,

Welcome to the Community!

The solution is only displayed after the grader finishes. If your trials have run out, it means you have tried submitting five different times with the same problem, and you should have contacted us when it happened the second or third time!

You can have the infinite loading problem if…

  1. You have some programs running in one or more of the terminals while correcting the quiz.
  2. You have an infinite loop in your program. Were you able to run the quiz successfully before submitting it?

I have added two more trials for you. Please take note of the points above, adjust your code if necessary, and submit again. If the same problem reoccurs, please share a screenshot of where it gets stuck.