I Can´t Loging to the courses

Good morning.

Something happened to the platform ? it´s because when im trying to loging with my google account to the platform nothing happen, i am stuck at the main page of the constructsim

Yes they are aware of this situation and are trying to fix it, I was also facing the same issue they replied saying
" In the meantime, you can log in with username and password. In order to do that, go to the login page app.theconstructsim.com. Then press “Forgot password?” option. Type your gmail email. Then you will receive an email to set a password. Follow the email instructions and then login with your gmail email and the password you set."

I am also facing the same problem and unable to login

Forget password also not working

I had the same issue and tried logging into app.theconstructsim.com from Microsoft Edge and it seems to work there for now.

Does not work on my Google Chrome. I have already tried clearing my cache and cookies on Chrome.

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