I can not open webshell in https://app.theconstructsim.com/Desktop/

I’m in the 2023 master class and I am working on one of the checkpoints. The desktop app works fine in every what except that I cannot open a webshell to get to a terminal prompt. This is blocking me (and others having the same problem) from completing the checkpoint. I have tried reloading and exiting and waiting for a couple of hours for the VM to reset, but nothing seems to fix the problem.


I think everyone is having this problem, I already tried opening the project on differents browsers and other computers, but the web shell won’t open.

Hello @choatej and @crisval02 , we are looking into this. I will let you know as soon as it is solved.

@choatej @crisval02
This problem has been solved. Please refresh the page to get the latest updates.

I apologize for the inconveniences

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